Honesty, Integrity & Good Ethics

Established in 1988, Maggetti Construction Inc. is a full-service general contractor and builder. The company's approach is simple: "Offer the highest quality construction available."

Maggetti Construction works with major full-scale remodels as well as implementing design from start to finish. Our number one concern is 100% customer satisfaction, over and above the general scope of work. Clients are kept well-informed, thanks to a staff knowledgeable about new products and interest.

Creativity is also a big part of the process; Maggetti Construction is able to take a concept and translate it into a quality product. An eye for detail and pride in job cleanliness is yet another ingredient in the close project management that Maggetti is renowned for. Maggetti Construction has been featured in Gentry Magazine as well as receiving rave reviews in the Los Gatos Hillbrook School Kitchen Tour.

Our Owners

Mitch and Dave Maggetti started together in business in 1981 hanging wallpaper and painting. It was then that they learned the importance of finish, detail, and job cleanliness. In 1988, they established Maggetti Construction Inc. and have since carried on the tradition in providing quality craftsmanship with an eye for detail, and pride in their finished product.